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The project began in 2013 with the initial negotiations. The transport contract was finalized in 2015 and 2016 with a comprehensive technical and logistics concept by DAHER PROJECTS GmbH.

Loading and stowing of the Injector 1’s activated parts (radioactive material, UN 2912 and UN 3321) onto heavyweight flat rack containers and into owned 20’ IP-2 containers began in early 2017. In total, more than 800 tons of material – including magnet irons (weighing up to 50 tons), tubes, valves, electrical cabinets and oversized parts – were safely packed in the containers, ensured they were seaworthy and stowed for their journey to China.

In keeping with DAHER PROJECTS GmbH’s logistics concept, the material was split into three batches, the first of which comprised three heavyweight trucks, four oversized trucks and two 20’ containers, ready for transport by September 2017. The material was then taken from the PSI in Switzerland to the Port of Antwerp in Belgium via Basel (Switzerland), DAHER PROJECTS GmbH’s safe, secure parking place in Hanau (Germany), and Arcos the border.

In Antwerp, the cargo was customs-cleared and transshipped to an Ocean Vessel of the Chinese company COSCO. The second section of the shipment process included three heavyweight trucks and six 20’ containers, with the unique peculiarity of two 50-ton magnets which had to be transported, secured and stowed as break bulk cargo on the vessel. The third section of this delicate transport project entailed shipping three heavyweight parts, each more than 50 tons, one oversized part and four 20’ containers to the Port of Antwerp, and on to Shanghai, China.

All three aspects of the transport project were carried out successfully and to our customer’s complete satisfaction!