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Many customers trust our quality and reliability. DAHER PROJECTS GmbH works successfully across Europe with all known manufacturers of transformers, generators and rollers as well as electricity supply companies. In the process, DAHER PROJECTS GmbH searches for the most cost-efficient routes for the movement, be it by rail, road or water.

Using a pontoon

TRANSPORTING A 261t TRANSFORMER USING A PONTOON Sender: Ge Grid Mönchengladbach Consignee: TenneT UW Bergrheinfeld Routing: by rail from Mönchengladbach to Port Krefeld | By water from Port Krefeld to Garstadt ferry ramp| By road from Garstadt ferry ramp to...

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Transformer Transport

TRANSPORTING A TRANSFORMER BY RAIL Sender: Siemens AG, Nürnberg Consignee: UW Jessen/ 50Hertz Routing: Nürnberg, Saalfeld, Halle, Falkenberg, Holzdorf Dimensions of the transformer stand: 262.000 kg Weight: 262.000 kg Total transit time for the movement: 22 days...

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