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DAHER PROJECTS GmbH has been awarded with the complete deliveries for two construction sites in Germany (Oberzier) and Belgium (Lixhe) named project ALEGrO. The respective core pieces of the construction sites are a total of 8 transformers which were delivered in combined traffic to each site.

For the construction site in Oberzier the main deliveries of the transformers began in May 2019 and will be completed in December 2019. After inland waterway transport from Nuremberg to Krefeld, the transformers were transported by company own rail car Uaai 838 up to 3 kilometers to the construction site. Afterwards the transformers including the so called Tragschnabel were reloaded onto 2 x 13-axle road configuration and were transported the remaining few kilometers directly to the construction site – baseplate.

The main deliveries of the transformers to Lixhe were divided into two LOTs each with two transformers which were delivered to the construction site between December 2018 and May 2019. On the way from Nuremberg to Lixhe the transformers were transported by river-barge and Pontoon. The last 3 kilometers were done after the RoRo unloading of the Pontoons in Lixhe by 14-axle trailer.

On both construction sites the transformers were initially parked at assembly positions. After completion of the construction work on the transformers same will be moved to their final foundations.