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With our fleet of almost 100 girder frame wagons and low-loader wagons, we move transformers and other heavy industrial goods by rail.
Here are a few impressions of our heavy haulage activities in 2017.


At the time of the first summer heat wave of the year in 2017, a transformer had to be moved to the Schweinfurt Region at short notice: the available timeframe was no longer sufficient for a permit to be issued for the “Ganzbahn” route, so we had to transfer to water on the way.
Here is the entire assembly at its destination. The pontoon is at the ramp and the transformer will leave it shortly. To the right, the Schnabelcars for the for the road delivery are already in position. Two days later, the transformer was standing on its foundation in the substation. Photo: DAHER


At the end of August 2017, “by coincidence”, it again happened that two Schnabelcars were in the same place at the same time ready to load.
The12-axle version is at the front and the 24-axle version is at the rear. Both are loaded with railway current transformers, which were released in the course of the shutdown of the former Datteln power station. They will both continue to serve in other railway power plants as spare transformers.

We would like to thank photographer P. Schmidt for the photo provided to us.
Photo: Mr. P. Schmidt