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280 t transformer transported from manufacturer Siemens Nürnberg to Grid Substation TransnetBW in Großgartach


In several steps a transformer of 280 t was transported by the Heavy Cargo group of DAHER PROJECTS GmbH with a total mass of 502 t, a length of 72.5 m and a height of 4.8 m.

The first step of transport took place by rail with our 24-axle wagon Uaai 838 to the intended transfer point Schwaigern, near Heilbronn. This route was covered within 6 days.

Arriving at the rail station in Schwaigern the transformer was transferred from the railcar to our road configuration (2 heavy-cargo trucks, 2 x 12 Scheuerle axle-road configurations and our so called “Greiner Tragschnabel” system).

In the night from June 11th to 12th the last section to TransnetBW Grid Substation in Großgartach was done on road in the said transport configuration (total length of 72.5 m and a transport height of 4.8 m).

As usual precision work was required for passing through the narrow roadways and small level crossings.

Arriving at the Grid Substation Großgartach the transformer was pulled onto the foundation by means of a winch and a heavy cargo truck on June 12th 2020.

After successful setting on the foundation the transformer is upgraded by the manufacturer and can be connected to the power supply system after completion.